The hub at MQ is closed until May 3rd

Sorry for any inconvenience! Please come back!

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04. 05. 2017

SUBOTRON pro games powered by Wirtschaftskammer Wien: Live Pitch of Austrian Games #9: Student Projects

Developers of the nominated games have to convince the international jury of experts of their project within ten minutes and get immediate feedback. Prizes: € 1500.- and coaching!

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12. 05. 2017

SUBOTRON arcademy: Game Culturalization and the Art of Building Inclusive Worlds /departure talk

Kate Edwards, Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association, explains diversity, inclusion, culturalization for developers of creative media.

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01. 06. 2017

SUBOTRON pro games powered by Wirtschaftskammer Wien: All Roads Lead To Rome: An alternate Take on Indie Development

From AAA-employee to successfull indie studio with a global hit-IP: “The Room”. Talk and panel about the current state and future of indie game development.

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09. 06. 2017

SUBOTRON arcademy: Exit, Exodus, Out: Migration in Games

Gamers can navigate migration, displacement and flight narrations, be it serious games with a clear political message or an entertainment product. The framing of narration and representation defines the perception. A discussion.

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Calendar with all game related events in Austria

Watch it post it edit!

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12 Stunden kostenlose Förder-Antragsberatung

Das Förderreferat der Wirtschaftskammer Wien unterstützt Förderanträge von Wiener Unternehmen / Entwicklern aus der Games-Branche mit 12 Stunden kostenloser Beratung.

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List of the Austrian Game Scene

editable list of austrian studios, games, events, associations, organisations, …

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The Finalists for our Student Projects Live Pitch are selected!

The winners are one klick away:

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Wed. 15.03.17 SUBOTRON @ MQ reopening

from shop to hub
games inside!

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Open Call for the Live Pitch of Austrian Games #9: Student Projects

Feedback from international industry pros, workshops for your game: Get constructive input for your Game Projects developed during your education and win € 1500.- plus coaching!
Deadline 17. March 17

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Limited signed posters of 5 local artists

A2 posters on 350g paper
numbered and signed edition of 15 each

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spread some game history love at your home!

Insert coins! Unsere Lager sind prall gefüllt mit Hard- und Software der digitalen Spielgeschichte!

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mas mascaras de méxico!

live your second life in real life with original lucha libre masks directly from méxico !

cada una solamente € 29.-

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Its´a magic! Shifter!

Wave it, flash it, upload it, share it! Maker-Technologic!

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Haunt the rain!

Bring deine Pillen ins Trockene!

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Do you need a plan, gamer?

Spielkonsolen und Heimcomputer 1972 bis 2015.

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Mach Machinarium real!

Plüschroboter und T-Shirts aus dem tschechischen Indiegeame-Hit für die Abenteuer unter der Bettdecke!

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